March 30, 2009

the recovery time after podiumfest

Driving back from Folsom the txt messages were flying around...Then Sean hit the key word for the weekend.... PodiumFest!! I don't know if I have ever had a weekend where I knew more people on the podium... The 2nd US CUP at Fontana this weekend, the time trial, and the first Xterra of the year landed over a dozen of our friends on a podium.

Full race report from the Folsom Xterra on the way but Monique, Eric and I made the podium. Congrats to Paul & Karen, Lisa, Alison, Justin who made it up top at Fontana and Sean, Keevin and Jason who crushed it at the Time Trial in OC this weekend. Great weekend all around and first race on the Moots. I love it!

2x9 setup and it was the ticket for Folsom!

Monique and I had a full weekend for sure and it worked out quite nicely so far... After we drove up to Folsom on Friday, banged out some rides and after the race we headed back to Bako to clean up our house and hand over the keys to our new renters. Thank the Lord we got new renters right away...Perfect timing and we got a good weed wackin' workout too!

After that we were back on the road and landed in Big Bear last night and are hangin with Paul, Karen and Jordan today in PERFECT conditions. This is just about the best place to recover at altitude hangin with friends in front of a fireplace with plenty food and is good.


Pedal Circles said...

Congrats on having such a killer race this weekend you two!!

Luke said...

congrats bro! you'll be a tough competitor this year.