March 19, 2009

the new rig. . .

I have yet to get back on the mountain bike since VQ and mostly because my Orbea Alma 29er still has a busted bottom bracket, cracked headset, etc, etc. It is time for that frame tor rest and I am SO STOKED to be rockin my new frame!!!

Rolling big wheels with just a tad squish in the back and titanium tubes is just about the best of all wolds for durability and all day jibbability in my mind. I was looking at a ton of frames and I believe the Mooto X should be a great balance for endurance rides, adventure races and even some cross country races if I find myself at the starting line.... My idea was to turn the Alma into a single speed and build this up with some white highlights like some of this
and this
and this
however, seeing that I really didn't have the $ to even get the frame in the first place it looks like I will be moving over the parts and just swapping frames....for now. Building this baby up should be just as fun as riding it ;-)


Justin said...


the YBB is one bike that I will always dream of owning.

Luke said...

can't wait to see the finished product. hopefully i will have a new baby to show off soon too. keep postin' pics of the build. hope that ankle heals up. ttyl.

Pedal Circles said...

Pimp, dude! Look forward to checking that out once it's all built up!

Zippy said...

You will LOVE the soft tail design. Sweet rig, mang.