April 09, 2009

Power Time

About a month or two ago (a few weeks before VQ?) I got myself a PowerTap. Yes, it is power time and hopefully it will prove to be a useful tool for me in training. As I am moving up more in volume I know it will take a more efficient use of my time on the bike to manage the stress vs. rest equation and I am hoping that the PowerTap will help me to get more specific with my time on the bike.

So far I have had it on about a dozen or so rides but I have yet to do a "test" for my FTP or max power. I have just been collecting data through my normal rides because I have been between races here and there in the last few weeks. It has also pointed out how much "work" I do on the mountain bike (I have it on my road bike wheel) and mostly use the road as my recovery rides and longer endurance "tempo" type rides. I am sure I am missing some good data on the mountain bike but another hub for the dirt is out of the question so it time for power training on the road. Now that I don't have a race for a few weeks I am planning a test similar to what Vu conducted but I know I am way lower on the weight to power ratio.

Here is some data I got so far. Any suggestions, etc would be appreciated. I am stoked to start some specific training with it after I figure out my FTP and all that but I am not getting too caught up on power. I hear it is like crack and I dont want to become a pwr craker.... Besides with paddling, running and swimming I have a lot of other things to balance in training AND in life.

Probably the best endurance ride I have had with it so far was the Oceanside Half Ironman race this weekend. I was planning on keeping my watts under 170ish for the beginning because I didn't want to go out too fast but then I moved it up to 200ish. After the big hill (if you did the race you know what I am talking about!) I just rode by "feeling". It was comforting to know my pacing was spot on! I was very conservative and felt absolutely fantastic on the run.

(Yellow=Power, Green=Cadence, Blue=Speed)

I was also stoked to see after the race that my biggest 60min was in the prime spot for the race (highlighted above in black) which showed that I started easy and took the last 15-20min off the bike easy to get ready for the run. The software I am using is the WKO+ software that I got after a recommendation from James. It is a lot better for tracking power over multiple workouts, weeks, etc. You can also make some good guesses for "power performance" and so far I am rated as a "untrained -non-racer". HA! I have a lot of work to do!

Yesterday I rode our local loop with Keevin down PCH and up the river path and threw in a few sprints. This is really the fist sprints I have done this season so it is a good baseline. I did 10 total and was averaging the mid 800's and maxed out at 1,047 watts. Good or bad I don't know yet but I am itching to do a test and baseline my power at a few different time measurements. Here is the graph from the ride using the PowerAgent software that comes with the PowerTap for free. Great tool for individual workouts.

This is the fist time since I have started racing that I have nothing planned for almost five weeks and I am really looking forward to just training. I got the book "racing and training with power" and have a test scheduled for next Friday to determine my FTP. Besides the power on the bike . . . I am back to paddling and slowly bringing up my volume in my swim and run (through frequency) to add a well balanced power to the multisport training. I am looking forward to the warmer summer months!


Luke said...

slater's training with power now...sh!t!


just kidden bro...keep me posted how it all works out for ya. one of those has been on my christmas list for a while now.

Vu said...

Good to see that you got a power meter, it's going to bring training to a whole another level.
Power meters off road don't make a lot sense as it's is difficult to keep power constant during mountain bike rides. If anything, it would be cool to have it on while racing to see how much power you are producing during the race.

WKO+ is a great program and I use it as well.

When you do your test, go with some who can help push and motivate you throughout the 20mins.