April 14, 2009

weak to week

Last year, I started working on just getting one day a week of "solid training". . . That included getting enough rest the night before/after, eating right and putting in quality workouts for each sport. Even if it was only running or swimming once a week I had one day to focus on getting it right.

I still have no training schedule or periodization format that I am following this year...not that I don't believe in periodization but I am honest enough to assess that I lack the discipline. I have a hard enough time focusing on one type of racing and I love to race often ;-) However, this year, I am working on putting together a few good weeks. This takes in the art of balancing the quality of training and still getting the volume and frequency across each sport AND still taking care of "life stuff". This last week was a "big" week in all areas of my life with work and new family member that I am totally stoked about!!! My newest nephew Kadin Hardy!

J-Har and baby K-Har hangin out

This is also the first time in the last three years that I have no races planned for about 5-6 weeks. The next race I am actually signed up for is the St. George IM almost 15 months away and the BIGGEST days for me this year will not even be races but some epic multisport days(more on that later). I am just enjoying training . . . maybe even training for training sake?

the dirt....best training grounds around

After the 70.3 race I took a day off and then just kept a good block rolling through the next weekend. I managed to pull the frequency from running and swimming that has eluded me for the last few years and got in my first week with more than 3-4 sessions in each sport. Stoked!

My focus will continue to be on my frequency in swimming and running and it has already proved to be a big help. The flow of getting in more sessions a week felt really good and helped me keep the intensity in check. I learned a ton this week from sticking to the short schedule I made including a deeper requirment for time managment and staying hydrated!

Yes, its a mess and that was only Thursday!

This week I am starting off with some recovery and then rolling into the weekend with a power test and continuing building from there....Not sure where it is going yet but I am steering clear of injury and my motivation is at the top of the meter. If I keep this up maybe I can work on an ATP next year?

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Luke said...

dang dude...do you work with all of that training?! wow man!