April 03, 2009


This week has been a bit crazy...I just got my laptop going today and it was a strange experience to be without it for a few days.  I dont know if it was the conficker worm that started it or just the fact that windows blows!  ;-)  Work has been crazy too and I am just glad that it is almost the weekend.  Time to get out and swim, bike and run further than I have ever gone before in a race!

Monique and I are heading down to Oceanside tonight to meet up with the crew for check-in and then some killer carbo loading dinner.  I am looking forward to some good learning lessons from my first half ironman and just taking the experience in.  I dont expect to "race" the distance with the volume that I have going into it plus it is not a "priority" event for me so it makes me feel at ease today.  Just what I need!

Results are also posted on Xterra now for the Folsom race and I am stoked to get top points going into the series... Maybe I can make it out to another race this year??  I know that the Xterra and Calfornia Multisport races are just about the right distance for me to  "race" and keep a pace that is managable.  A four mile trail run sounds a lot better than 13 miles on the road!!  

Tomorrow will be an interesting learning experience and since it is my first 70.3 I know I will get a PR at any pace.  . . just need to finish it up.  It should provide a ton of insight into what training and pace I will need for the St. George full Ironman next year so I will be taking notes.  

Predictions!   Just thought I would add this in for fun ;-)
Me - Swim 30min, Bike 2:48, Run 1:40
Sean - Swim 28min, Bike 2:21, Run 1:29
Keevin - Swim 41min, bike 2:40, Run 1:45
Chuck - Swim 48min, Bike 2:40, Run 1:38
Monique - Swim 38min, Bike 3:41, Run 2:00

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Luke said...

go get it bro! i was on pace to break the 5 hour mark in 2007 at vineman...then something happened and i nearly curled up in the fetal position and cried like a little girl! but i'm sure you'll breeze through it!