October 05, 2009

Fat Tire Weekend

Monique and I had another long boring weekend and it was full of good food, pictures, great people, a little swim, bike run stuff and minimal driving. PERFECT!

I was wiped out for a few days from being sick but by Friday I was feeling fresh. We got in an open water swim at Corona Del Mar and I worked on some beach starts and running between buoys. It was pretty fun and the water was super clear and calm. We have been swimming there most Thursdays with the local tri groups but it was fun to mix it up on a Friday.

Then we were off to Temecula for the SoCal Endurance Fat Tire Epic race. We decided not to race and got to watch a bunch of friends gut it out on a tough course. Keevin, Monique and I got up early before the race and did one lap (racers would do two) and were surprised by the new trails that were incorporated to bring a loop all the way around Vail Lake. I doubled on a climb or two but my GPS still showed over 4K in climbing for one lap. Killer course!

After our ride Keevin and I headed out for an hour t-run through the hills. Awesome brick workout and we were complete before Tinker rode in for the win. Karen took the Womens Pro win by a big gap. She was going fast and taking chances!!

Karen and Monikie

I was stoked to see so many friends out racing. I really wish I joined in on the suffering but next year for sure. We all got cleaned up and then headed over to watch some bands play and get some grub. THEN we witnessed the main event! RC supercross action under a full moon! I have always seen these cars buzzing around when were are doing night laps on the course but I never got to see the action close up. These dudes are so dedicated to their gear ;-)

Sunday was Demo day. The trails were open and free shuttles were going just about all day. What more could you ask for? We were definitely taking notes when we helped out Paul with the Intense demo bikes. Something tells me this maybe our next summer fling.... more on that later.

Paul is already day dreaming about his Kona trip!

The riding also continued and Monique and I got our first taste of downhill riding... I think I remember Monique shouting something about "I found my calling"??

Downhill bikes felt pretty strange but oh so comfy. I took out the 951 and Monique had the Uzzi. Then we switched and I tried a Spider2 and Pauls Spider FRO. I want to take them all to Whistler!

Getting back early and enjoying Sunday night made the Fat Tire weekend an Epic for me. We got all of our "stuff" done and my life stress is pretty low right now. It is amazing how your mental outlook changes when you are running on a low stress level. We had plenty of time to kick on the music, jacuzzi and enjoy. God I love boring weekends!


Ryan Weeger said...

hell yeah your weekend looks awesome and those downhill bikes look RAD!

Pedal Circles said...


Downhill and r/c cars. You are doing it backwards from Justin and I :)

Zippy said...

Nice seeing you this past weekend!