October 21, 2009

Genr8 Speed!

Last summer, Sean introduced me to Vitargo and it has been a special "rocket fuel" for me. As many of you know, I have been using Vitargo from GENR8 for some of my most important training days and races all year. I have had the same fueling strategy at every Xterra and Multisport race this year. I have one bottle of nuun and one bottle of Vitargo. I have experimented with mixing one, two and even three scoops (up to 840 calories per bottle) of Vitargo per bottle. Now, I know that sounds like a ton of calories (and it is) but it works and that is because Vitargo is very different from any other fueling supplement. Have you tried to put down 800 calories in under an hour of any other fueling supplement full of sugar of maltodextrin mix? I am sure it would come right back up. ;-O

How good is it? Well, I have been able to use my friends at FeedTheMachine to try just about every fueling and recovery product out this year but I was still paying retail for Vitargo because the performance benefit was just that noticeable. If you can deliver "fuel" to your working muscles faster and not get behind on calories it is amazing just how much "work" you can fit in a day, week, month. It made a believer out of me.

GENR8 is also founded on a Proof Before Promises principle so you don't have to have blind faith in believing that it is going to work for you. How many scientific studies has your sports drink conducted on the benefits of it? Yes, your body needs carbs but you can get that from a baked potato and you dont see people stashing them in jersey pockets on the bike. A hot potato will get into your system just like a beach cruiser will get you across town but it may not be the optimal choice for race day. Vitargo has the scientific research behind it to prove it is superior. . . any you know I love posting graphs!

"GENR8 has a single aim: create, develop, validate, and market performance nutrition products that inspire and sustain confidence. For GENr8, confidence is defined by products that are university proven to work better than the "gold standard" and by products that are truly safe for both aspiring junior athletes and professional/Olympic athletes who are scrutinized for the use of banned substances.

We have an unrivaled commitment to unique performance nutrition supplement development, demanding substantial research on our actual products (not just ingredients), conducted at world-class universities, BEFORE they are offered for sale. We subject each batch of EACH product to analytical testing by the only World Anti-Doping Association-accredited laboratory in North America."

Compared to equal calorie amounts of carbohydrates in ordinary sport energy and recovery drinks and powders, Vitargo® was shown to:

2.3 times Faster Energy Delivery to Intestines.
This leads to more efficient digestion and absorption as well as delivery to muscle after exhaustive exercise.

1.68 times Greater Glycogen Recovery in First 2 Hours.
For faster refueling and recovery.

Up to 1.23 times Greater Max Endurance Performance.

You can learn more about over here

I am so stoked to now have GENR8 as a sponsor and be able to use it full time for my training, racing and refueling! (Let me know you you want to try some samples). I know it will take my training and racing to new levels and 2010 is going to be full of new opportunities to test my fitness in new ways. I'm stoked!

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Sean Clancy said...

UN-BONK-ABLE Rocket Fuel...

Stoked you're (officially) on board!