November 02, 2009

spooky butt

Another solid weekend in the books and we all made it through the Halloween ride this year with no casualties. Monique and I didn't even have a costume picked out early this year...we just got so busy with the trip to Maui and everything going on. I happened to find my costume on our last day in Maui waling out of an ABC store. Perfect for the weather this weekend.

Our ride started just like last year at the train station in the OC and we made our way down the coast to SD to hop on the train for the ride home. This year we knocked off a couple of hours so we had time to enjoy a dinner down town before we headed home. That was good(I will spare you the pics)!

On Sunday the OC Tri Club was hosting a sprint triathlon and Monique and I had a free entry. Who can resist a free local triathlon? Apparently me. We had over a dozen friends staying with us from out of town so a fun group ride with friends had a much bigger priority.

Half of the group split out early to ride the velodrome and the rest of us continued on the "tour de OC" loop. It is funny how the miles fly by when you are just having a good time. I feel so rested after Maui and really didn't have anything planned for training or racing at all but managed to log my biggest volume on the run and bike all year. For the bike I logged 342 miles and 163 of it on the Intense Spider. I really had nothing planned and just felt like riding a lot. Do what you love and it energizes you...or maybe it was all the coffee?

I realize that I enjoy the LSD type training more than interval workouts. Maybe it is the nature of the effort but I just feel like my body/mind responds better to it. I have also done better at most races over 3hrs than races that are less than 3hrs. Something to consider for next year.

After about 50 miles I split off to ride the canyon and get lost somewhere in Orange trying to find the bike path before heading back to the beach. My tri bike felt so much smoother after spending the day before on 2.55" wide tires that I just wanted to ride all day. So I did. I put in 138 easy miles and I felt pretty good so I knocked out a 9 mile run off of the bike. It was not fast but it felt really good. Something tells me I am going to like Ironman training.

The next couple of weeks I am playing network admin at work for one of our customers. A desk job for 8 hours a day. Dang....How do people do this? I am stoked for the perspective and it just makes me appreciate getting out and fun weekends like this even more. Not a lot left in the schedule for Monique and I this year except getting ready for the holidays and family time. Still kicking around some ideas for next years plans but nothing really set yet. I like that.


Luke said...

looks like a ton of fun bro! next year for sure!!

runninggunner said...

That ride looks awesome! Sounds like a pretty killer week. I enjoy the LSD stuff as well.

jameson said...

i don't know what's gnarlier... your training of having to play network admin...

Ryan Weeger said...

youre ridiculous. in so so many ways! haha