November 04, 2008

.::.::.::.::...Halloween Ride...::.::.::.::.

. . . and what would a ride so close to Halloween be without costumes?!? This weekend a group of about 25 of us headed out on a long tour to San Diego for Keevins Halloween ride... In costume!

Creativity was off the charts with every kind of costume including the Village people, a lobster, pirates, caveman (and woman) just to name a few...the creativity, however, was to be expected when you can add a bike, 90+ miles and hours in the saddle into the mix.

Details like the custom molded spurs with derailleur pulleys that Sean Clancy was wearing or the molding panties that Mandy was sporting did not go unnoticed!

The ride had everything that you would expect from a long ride in costume... Attacks on the front, vampires bleeding in the streets and costumes starting to melt away with the miles. Even when I was beating myself up for being a part of the only crash on our ride we had friends bringing "spirit" back to the situation... It was a fun little spooky ride. Monique and I got to meet up with some of Keevins friends from Vegas we are always hearing about and we saw first had just how fast and nice they all are. We got to spend the entire weekend with tem and even got a ride down to the beach with them on Sunday!

Just when the group was starting to fade and we made it to San Diego it was train time. This was the perfect ending to a long day. We packed in the bikes, got some food and relaxed as the sunset over the water and we sank into our seats. The perfect way to get back home. Too many good stories from the ride . . .

Until next year when the costumes will get a bit more crazy!! Are you going to come ride with us??

I posted some more pictures over HERE and some from Sean over HERE and Keevin over HERE

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