February 28, 2007

Time to rest

My recent and all too late ramp up for the VQ and my reluctance to stop running long has left my legs in despair. Last week before my kayak session I went for a run at El Moro in the rain. The beauty was striking and distracting. I was only planning on a 3-4 mile loop but it was too easy to get caught up with my IPod and the rain so I ended up running about 14 miles by the time I got back to my truck parked at Trader Joes. It may have been the running, the four hour bike ride from the night before with Joe or sitting in the cold kayak for two hours after my run but my IT Bands are shot. I have only had this problem once before and I though that I learned my lesson. My running didn’t do it to me directly this time but I was not watching my overall volume. I am always learning something new.

(I know... The coolest hat ever)

The good news was this left more time for me to paddle. I was out on our local lake again but it felt so different now. The paddle clinic had proved to change me and thankfully my paddling for good. I was no longer fighting the paddle and pumping my arms. It was restful. Paddling was fun and even relaxing. I needed that more than anything this week.


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