February 25, 2007

Good Times in Keyesville

This weekend was full of choices for me. I usually have the weekends planned out for months in advance and by the time a certain week is rounding out Monique and I are already packed and on the road. This weekend, however, we were home. All weekend. Strange to be home but it was so nice because we will be gone for the next two months on every weekend with races and places to go.

Now that we were home in Bakersfield we joined up with the SSFTA group to go ride the Keysville course that we will be racing on next month. It is funny how the timing works out so well sometimes. The choice was easy. The ride was sort and exciting enough to be a good round out for my last long ride before the Vision Quest. We also got to explore some new areas that are so close to home. It was beautiful up there and only about 40min from our house.

Tim was gracious enough to ride with us and give us the grand tour and a little history on the Keyesville Classic. The current cross country course is a eight and a half mile loop with about three major climbs and lots of little onese mixed in.

In addition to the cross country track that we were riding the Keyesville Classis is a weekend full of mountain bike racing. Saturday there is a downhill race in the morning followed by a short track race. There is also the option to sign up for all three races and be included in the overall points title.

I have a big few weeks ahead of me with work and my mind was just surging the entire ride with how to adjust my schedule and make my deadlines. Sometimes it is a nice thing to have on a ride or run but this time it was just thar. . . Time always adds a unique variable to any episode in life but sometimes it just passes by and our minds are fixed on anytime but the present.

Tonight I made a decision not to join a team on the Baja Travesia, a three day expedition race because of what ended up being timing. There is nothing I would like more than to race out on the trail for a few days but sometimes you just have to wait and sometimes it is just not the right time. It hurts knowing that I may have turned down an experience, challenge and unique opportunity to make new friends but I only hope that the understanding and patients will bring about more satisfaction when it is time go make the trip.

As we completed our first lap and were back at our cars many people started the work on the trail. Monique was resting in the sun and the thought of my "lap time" started to enter my mind. As some of the crew headed back out on the trail for maintenance, I was off to make another quick lap. I wanted to feel how the momentum would carry me through the valleys and over the drops. I needed to push on some climbs and earn my last ride before my rest to the Vision Quest. I was going to push the envelop just a little.

I pushed. I learned. It was a beautiful day and we will be back to the trails of Keyesville in short time. That choice is easy.

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