October 04, 2007

Dreaming in the Marin mountains

This week I am up in San Francisco for some nerd training but because I drove up for the week I decided to bring my 29er and get out on the trail. Just about a year ago we were up here for an adventure race and I could not believe how sick the single track was and views of the pacific, bay, city and rolling hills. Oh, and no crowds...What more could you ask for? Definitely worth the drive to bring my bike.

The last time I was in the city was right after our first ultra marathon and walking around in dress shoes down town was not the ideal recovery to say the least. Now, however, the city looks so enticing. I am starting to learn my way around the side streets and the energy in the air is contagious. I left my hotel early this morning just to take a long walk around to watch the street freaks on the way to class. This place has it all.

Last night I got to meet up with Jeremy and get the night tour of Marin trails around his house and it was just as amazing... No pictures or words can describe. I just cannot believe the trails that are right out of his door and to get a personal tour of the single track at night was unbelievable. We saw some deer and a huge white owl flying in our lights at one point. We watched the sun set on the pacific and the lights fill the air from the city across the bay. The only thing that could make our night more romantic was going out for a dinner for two... Which we did because Liz was feeling under the weather.

I could get use to living up here but I don't know if I could get myself off the trail and into work if I did...

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