January 04, 2009


Holiday is over and 2009 is already showing good signs of a BIG season of racing and another year of time on the trail.

Last year I made some huge progress in my training and racing. . . Huge progress in my life and that resulted in some huge gains in my training and racing! Looking back, I am glad that Monique and I made some changes in our lives . . . scary at the time but you never know until you tri. Just like a wise friend recently told me, “If we don't go outside the box, we'll live in the box.” Mid way through 2008 we decided to move back to the OC and it was a HUGE change to our lives at every level. We are stoked to be home and so close with our friends and family now and we have grown so much from the experience. I am not even going to attempt to sum up the ‘08 year but it was one of the best years of my life and every month of 2008 just got better and better. Live is good! Monique and I got in so many trips and met so many new friends that we feel truly blessed.

It has been three years of racing for me now and it has become a bigger focus in my life. Lifestyle changes made it stick and I am looking forward to the training habit, relationships and travel lasting many more years….. My little blog moved me to focus on what I love best about being on the trail and learn some great lessons over the last few years. People and the trails are a true passion for me and I am looking forward to spending time exploring much more of each in 2009!

So, my one word as far as racing, heading into this next year is “focus”. I feel fortunate to have raced a plethora of different events over the last few years and found a passion for off-road multisport. Last year, I also learned a big difference between racing and racing to win. It hurts much more! ;-) It also requires much more of a focus on multiple levels and the journey is a much more rewarding one when you can put together all the pieces and have your best race (that is winning). Even if you are in last place and you have done all the work and raced your best race, you win. Now, that is HARD to do! That is why I am so pumped about this year! I have never had more of a focus and seen the pieces in place in order to have a successful season of racing. I have the most amazing people to train with, goals clearly defined, the volume and experience to use from last year and motivation to stick to my plan. How it all plays out will be part of the fun. . win or loose I am focusing on the year ahead.

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