January 31, 2009

Ramping up

Although I have tried to stick to a few schedules in the last few years I have never been able to manage a rigid outline for my training. I also don't think that a rigid schedule is what anyone needs... Knowing your body and having fun are key for me ramping up the training. What better way to get ready for some races than with some friends on the trail?

The last few weeks I have been building my training volume during the week and finishing a "priority c" race on the weekend. It works for me. This week was cranked up just a bit more. Friday, I got in a swim and then finished the day with a quick 34 mile ride on the bike in just under 2 hours. I wanted to load up my legs before our Saturday ride. Little did I know we were heading into a time trial!

The big ride Saturday had a few groups heading up Blackstar. I was going to try to stick it out for the entire County Coup course with a few extra miles from the shuttle while a few others were doing the Blackstar/Motorway or Maple Springs routes. Ryan was up there with some dudes, Monique and Corby were riding with the M's and we saw nearly 100 hikers at the bottom of Holy Jim. I guess it was too nice of a day not to get out and take it all in. Luke, Justin and I headed up Blackstar and the pace was brisk! I was just trying to hang on to Luke's back tire and we got to the ball in just under 50 minutes. A record for me.

(Justin on his way to crushing it to the top)

I was stoked to be able to hang and chat it up with Luke and Justin. Awesome guys and super strong on the bike. Allison, Justin's wife was just ahead of us and managed to keep it that way to the end. Before I knew it we were descending Motorway and had reached our cars for a reload on water and food (just under 2hrs). Shortly after we got going again, riding up Maple Springs, I had my rear derailleur hanger get snapped off AGAIN!! This is the sixth time! My rear deraileur got sucked into my spokes and again my powercordz shifting cables held on!

Luke carried on trying to make up time on Justin and I didn't even know if I was going to have a spare... Luckily, I found one and about a half an hour later was making the trek up Maple Springs to Santiago Peak. Even with the tearing of my rear derailleur my powercordz were shifting super smooth all day and no issues. I cannot say enough good things about this shifting system! Back to the climb and a grind up to the peak. I have not been past 4 corners since last years VQ and forgot how far it was...ouch. I rode the rest of the way solo which was probably a good thing looking back...

Just as I was starting the decent down Holy Jim I got a flat. Then another one. Then I managed to get a tube working but only with maybe 20psi. It was an easy, easy pace down to the road where I eventually got a pinch flat and started my walk back to the car. I was so stoked after walking for 2 miles when someone offered me a ride back to the car (another 3 miles away). By this time I was out of water and had about 6 hours logged and just under 50 miles. The ab workout I got bouncing around in that truck on the way back was a nice finish to a killer workout!

Here are some stats from the ride.

While lunch and hanging out sounded great (a nap even better)...Monique and I were off to pick up our race packets for the Surf City run tomorrow. They were closing the expo at 5pm and we got a parking spot at 4:56 and snagged our race numbers just before they shut it down. Stoked! We did get some food and watched the sun go down over Catalina. Awesome! Now we have about nine hours until we ramp it up in the morning with our half mary.


milestokm said...

hey nice, good inspiration!

Luke said...

way to keep it up bro!! i'm glad you stuck with it after the mechanical! stay in touch.

Pedal Circles said...

You guys are ridiculous! It was nice hanging out for a bit at the "finish line"!

Justin said...

ANIMALS!!! thanks for everything. anything I can do to help in the future, i am your Mann!