July 07, 2009

The Big B

In the last 10 days I have logged some of the best training days of my life and I am not even "training" . . . I am so grateful for the sweet single track, cool people and truck loads of fun that I have got to get in. After the Tahoe race and with no future races in view I just started "doing what I felt like" and I was so stoked to see my motivation and strength grow each day. I have had a solid season of training and racing already so this was just pure trail time with friends and I got the bonus of bringing my body along for epic days in the dirt.

Monique and I were back from Tahoe for almost two days when we headed for the hills again. This time back to Big Bear for an extended stay at Team Sole "Base Camp". Paul was our host/tour guide/coach/cook/mechanic (just to name a few hats he wore) while Karen was still out racing the MONSTER. She has logged over 100 hours of racing with just about 6 hours of sleep. . . and the race continues. Puts my little training block in perspective!

Friday, we got a nice paddle on the lake before we met up with the Intense crew for some riding and over the handle bar acrobatics on some hidden single track. I think we all collected a bit of dirt and left some skin out there...

even covered in dirt Monique is so cute!

Jessi was taking some lessons all weekend on the mountain bike and paddle sessions but you would never know she is "new" to these sports. There is a lot to learn about building your body to dominate at anything you attempt and Jessi has nailed it and is sharing it. Good stuff.

Go Jessi Go!

My body is STILL sore from the core session we all did after our ride. "Bad Ass Billy" was putting us through some mental strengthening and our bodies would have to find the oxygen to keep up. Paul and Lisa were staying at base camp also but somehow managed to just miss this session...hmm? Maybe Lisa can incorporate that into some future yoga sessions? If Billy didn't keep me laughing all night after we were done I would be scared to see the guy again. That one session made me realize how much I need to get back to the weights. Time to get ripped! ;-)

welcome to the house of pain!

We all got cleaned up and headed down to the lake again to watch the fireworks, down some recovery drinks and hang out. Perfect day.

Saturday and Sunday we had some big rides on tap and discovered so many new trails in Big Bear. I LOVE that place and hope someday I can call it home. We got to ride with some of the fastest kids in town and ride some trails that I just cannot even mention. Yes, it was that good!

Some of the other "flatlanders" that were up for the weekend included Tiffany, Wes, Keevin, Heidi, Ben, Julie and Ryan and we tried to hang with them as much as possible . . . big groups are tough to organize but when it happens it is worth the effort.

Watching all triathletes take to paddling for the first time was pretty inspiring. I guess it has so many similarities to the swim technique (catch, high elbow, etc) it is a natural cross over. I started realizing my training motto this week "why run when you can ride...why swim when you can paddle". That explains my (lack of) volume for running and swimming ;-)

Ryan Rockin the Mako6

It was hard to get out of the Big B after so much fun but I had an appointment with the doctor when I got home last night. One more dream crushing ride to finish me off... Love it! This was just about as perfect of a weekend as it can get for me and I am resting, satisfied and sore.

My next post I want to look at some lessons learned from my races this year, ask for some advice and make a plan to attack the rest of the year. I have been so stoked to be injury free and meet/hang/get to know so many cool people this year and explore myself in some new challenges as much as exploring new trails. Monique and I have a few things cooking with Team DUKE and maybe even an event to get the SoCal mountain bikers excited for the end of summer.... All good stuff in good time.


Luke said...

looks like some good times brotha...and some solid hours!

Sarah Huddyson said...

You guys are nuts. And totally inspiring!!!