July 10, 2009


I had a few goals for this racing season and they were pretty basic. I wanted to finish a race with my run pace under 7min/mi, I wanted to qualify for XTERRA Nationals and I wanted to get into the top 10 for the Vision Quest. My big goal was multisport and I wanted to win one of the races this year.

It is funny how when you start working towards a goal…it starts working toward YOU. I was stoked to drop an hour off o f my time from last year and make it in the top 5 overall for VQ, I won the first Mulisport race of the year, I have qualified for Nationals and even Worlds for XTERRA and may even end up the regional champ with the points I have picked up. Last night, I ran the Peters Canyon Trail Race and put down a 6:28 pace with some big hours of training still in my body and I could not be more stoked.

the inspiration machine and me

Things have gone better than I could have imagined and I feel so blessed. . . I have exceeded my expectations and while having fun every time I get on the trail and remaining injury free. I tried to focus on “off road multisport” this year and the focus has helped but the flexibility of going for a paddle or hike has helped my mind stay pretty excited about every opportunity to share that time with friends. I am so grateful for all the great coaches and friends that I have got to spend time with this year. I also feel like looking back at my training log has been a huge help and I know how I need to “feel” to be tapered up for a race. This is hard because fitness is always changing but I am starting to get it. To be honest I am totally satisfied and it has been nice the last couple weeks of just logging time with friends on the trail and not having any planned races.

JHar and me enjoying a “yea bra” after the run last night

BUT… After talking to a few friends it looks like I would be pretty lame to pass up the XTERRA Nationals race or Worlds . It took me almost 3 year to do the series and I am not really planning on racing it next year so I should see what can do this year. I feel like I am just getting started and can still drop buckets of time. I know. . . if I do go . . I need to give it 100%. In addition to the XTERRA series, I am also doing the California Multisport series, the Conquer the Bear series and a few other races here and there…. Lots of races, lots of variety…good and a bad thing.

I wanted to ask for some advice and input about resting and trying to put together a schedule for the rest of the year… I know a lot of people take a small break mid-season and with the amount of races/training I have logged this year it may not be a bad idea. I feel fantastic but October and November are still a ways out and I don’t know what I don’t know. Maybe I am just getting into shape now or I am peaking and I will crash and burn in August? Maybe my mind will just “get over it” or maybe I will get swamped at work . . . Perhaps a rest will help?


My running sucks the most and I know it is due to the volume I am getting in on a consistent basis. I have never been this consistent running before but my miles are pretty low and I only get in some speed work during races. Here is the last several months of my running sessions.

I have managed to get better at swimming this year because I have started “swimming smart”…drafting rules! My volume and technique is about the same and swimming is still a limiter for me. I need to start getting in more than 2 or 3 sessions a week and over 1500 yards a session. Maybe signing up for Masters will be a big help?

It feels like everyone I know is riding bikes and I cannot get enough of that so I think I will just keep cranking away with that schedule. One thing I need to move away from is my recently discovered super subliminal mantra of “why run when you can bike and why swim when you can paddle”. Explains a volume of my actions to me…

Here are some key races for me at the end of the year.

XTERRA NATIONALS – September 26th

California Multisport Finals - October 11th

XTERRA WORLDS – October 25th

This weekend is the Big Bear Paddle Fest (part of the Conquer the Bear series) and this morning I just signed up for the Santa Barbara Triathlon this morning. Last year this was my longest triathlon and it is a beautiful venue and we had a great time hanging with everyone up there. This year I am looking forward to crushing myself to a new PR. The only other race on the radar is an adventure race in two weeks that should be “FUN” as the race director puts it ; -)

Maybe too much racing? Maybe that is why I am broke? Maybe I need to just focus on swim, bike, run, recover? Maybe my mind needs a rest? I have not been to the doctor for a physical or anything since high school so maybe some blood work is in order? Sean just sent me this this morning and keeping an eye on stress is always a good idea and maybe I should get my lipids checked?

Sorry for the random ramble and post just getting my thoughts out and looking for some advice so I can make some plans.


ibclimbn said...

Awesome results so far. No advice but instead a question. What training program do you use to track your training per discipline?

Slater Fletcher said...

I use ATTACKPOINT and I cannot say enough good stuff about it.

It is as detailed/simple as you want it to be, accessible from anywhere(web based - I log most of my workouts from my phone) and it is FREE!

I have used training peaks, WKO, Polar and a few others but the "community" aspect of AP is unique and a big motivator. You can learn/encourage/share workouts/races/goals/injuries and advice w/ your friends and people across the world.

Anyways, if you sign up let me know what your username is ;-)

Monique said...

Hawaii here we come : )
i sooo proud of you! awesome season!
yes to masters swimming!

Luke said...

hey bro...i've been at it a while, but from my posts this year you can tell it's always a learning process.

sure there is the friel method...but i'd say if the mind is there and the motivation is strong then just keep the train a rollin'. you're already training like a professional athlete anyway, and for the most part they roll through almost all year-round.

i'm sure a week or two of time off will present itself when the time is right. i think the only time you really need to start getting concerned is when your body or mind really starts giving you a lot of feedback.

if you've got the momentum now...keep on keepin' on. if not...rest it up. the by-the-book format has never really worked out in the last 5 years for me anyway. it always seems to come back to feel, fun, and finding your own path.

good luck!!

Zippy said...

Like Luke said: If you're having fun AND doing well competitively, why change it?

You've mentioned you increased the frequency of your running and that has helped; I've noticed the same thing in my training and in that of my athletes. Furthermore, aerobic adaptations for running transfer over very well to cycling and swimming. The reverse does not appear to be the case.

As for swimming, you don't HAVE to swim Master's to swim fast. There are plenty of books with workouts in them to help you dial your swimming in. I think you could swim more often(4 sessions per week) to improve economy; especially since World's is non-wetsuit (uh oh!).

A mid-season break helps me clear my head and let all the little niggles heal up. This becomes more important with Xterra because the season is so friggin' LONG!

Though you threw me a beat-down in March so maybe I'm not the best person to be giving you advice ;)