July 02, 2009

Tahoe Advencha!

The Tahoe XTERRA was about the 15th race of the season for me. . . quite a bit of action and I was planning on a little break and some training schedule planning for the end of the year. With the race behind us and the beauty of Tahoe all around us we decided to stay an extra day (or two) and just enjoy some spontaneous adventure. No real plans . . . just advencha!

We awoke the next morning and grabbed some food and a few espresso drinks from the damn cafe and then headed out in our double to enjoy the blue water of Tahoe lake.

We took a nice five hour tour down south just west of Pope beach and then through Emerald Bay and back up. It is hard to image that you can move so efficiently and see so much sitting on your bum.

The water was a perfect temperature and the wind did not really get to us until the very end of the route. Monique is a champ! She more than doubled her longest ever paddle and it really gave us a thirst for some expedition length adventure racing...

Once we got out of the water we were running out of sun light and calories so we loaded up the boats and headed out on bikes for some sweet single track around Falling Leaf Lake and then into town. We got into town and loaded up our bike jersey pockets with warm burritos for the ride back. Warm, fat and happy we crashed out for the next days discovery.

We awoke and planned a quick hike out of Desolation Wilderness around a few lakes. Lots of elevation, water and amazing views. There were quite a few people on the trail and it is always interesting to hear about the stories and places that people come from...and where they are going. Keeping with our normal routine. . . I got us lost on just one trail but in my defense we only lost 40 minutes and we got to see some marmots and mountain grouse on the detour.

As long as our days were they somehow managed to energize us and remind us of what is most important in life. Monique and I made some pretty solid "life plans" and I really missed spending time with just M out in the wild. We hit Mammoth on the way home and it looks like we have another big weekend on tap. No plans just more advencha


Luke said...

some super rad photos bro! i can't wait to get back up there...that is one thing i miss living up in norcal...access to tahoe!

Pedal Circles said...

Such amazing photos! The water is such a brilliant blue!