July 29, 2009


Last weekend... Just what the doctor ordered! We stayed home instead of setting out on a 12 hour adventure race and just enjoyed all of the things to do around the hood. I could not have said it better than what Luke described. Perfect recovery and fun with some friends at home.

The girls looking cool

Luke and me looking cool(er)? Er.. maybe not


This week I am resting up before we head up to Mammoth for our annual trip with some of my friends that are more like family. For all of the races and projects that I have going on with work I am looking forward to this trip and seeing my family more than ever.

I got in a few swims and easy rides this week but I am still resting the foot. I am still calling this a "transition" mode for me because I want to make sure I am 100% rested or as close as possible to it before starting my final training for the end of the year. I think that Eric was correct about run fitness crossing over for gains in the other sports and I want to make sure i can (as monique would say) run my buns off in my next training plan.

The focus on swimming has helped too! We started filming our strokes and it is amazing how much you can learn just from watching yourself make mistakes. This is not the best video for stroke analization but it does show some killer tan lines that Sean and Me are sporting!

Hope my "cankles" and foot make it a restful week so I can crush myself @ mammoth this weekend. Hope to see you out there ;-)

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