February 11, 2007

Time to get back on the trail

What a long week... I had a much harder time recovering from the long days and nights in San Francisco than I did from the ultra. I was truly surprised at how well I felt in the days following a 50K run in the hills. My only real problem was the blood that I couldn’t get out of my feet but it may have been all of the standing and walking around in dress shoes. I have been much sorer from some training runs and shorter events but maybe that was due to the lactic acid…? I also didn’t feel drained like I have after some longer events but the San Fran business was tough. Getting through a week of lectures and long nights out with bad food is hard on the mind and body! Trail running is fantastic stuff.

Saturday, I was back on the trail and I felt alive again. Marius and I got to ride some of the VQ course and I discovered the joy of the West Horse Thief trial on a bike. All that I kept thinking is “why don’t I ride more”! The hike-a-bike section will be a challenge during the race but not as much as the pounding road on the last few miles. I remember the aching feeling in my wrists from the 50mile Rwanda ride… After our ride we had some Indian food with Marius and the Westa’s and then had a slumber party with the Westa’s all night. I was great to catch up with them . . . Monique and I miss seeing them all of the time. Marius was also contemplating moving to SF for a new job and although I would be sad to see him go I know Monique and I would visit him lots! It’s a tough decision to make.

Monique and I took a run in our hills on Sunday and I got to push a little more on the hills. If I get back into a high heart rate too soon after a race I get this nauseating feeling in my head and my heart. Almost like my body still has the E-brake on. I have only had it a few times but the feeling is hard to forget. When I ran the hills with the puppies I started to push more and more and I actually felt great. No sickness, no heavy legs, no sore ankles. I felt like my life was back to normal after some time with friends, family and the dogs on the trails. I will take that over a week of free drinks and food anytime!

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