February 03, 2007

Looking on the bright side

When I usually head into a race I have this “letting go” feeling. I don’t know how to explain it except that I realize when an event is a day or two away there is little you can do to help your situation at that point other than to rest and remain positive. I begin to reflect on my experiences leading up to the race and start to look at the bright side of how they have lead me to the perfect place mentally, spiritually and physically for this specific race even if things didn't go according to plan.

On Wednesday, I dropped off my truck to get it fixed from my latest accident that I was in and thought I could get a ride to work. I have had a stressful week of work and travel and I have eaten like crap for the last few days. I had not actually arranged for a ride because of my schedule and laziness so I thought that I would just surprise someone with the offer to pick me up. Besides, I thought, if I didn’t have a ride I could run to the office since I hadn’t got a run in yet. Needless to say, I found myself running several blocks with all my nerd gear to work. Today is Saturday and that run to work was my only exercise all week. The weight of my nerd gear didn’t help my ankle recovery and my diet sure was not the best way to head into my first ultra but then I started looking on the bright side.

I have a lot going for me. I am rested. I am so rested! I haven’t had a low week of exercise activity like this in a long time. I made it through a tough week at work and I can let go of that stress now with a long run. My ankle has had plenty of rest and I packed in so many calories this week I'm sure not to bonk. I am motivated! Today Monique and I got to hang out, take a nap and meet Dean Karnazes. That was inspiring in itself!

(Monique and I meet up with Karno the Ultramarathon Man)

Tonight we are going to the “carbo loading” dinner with the TwinPeaks group to have a good time and continue to reflect on a wonderful journey to our first ultra. Bring on the food and the good times!

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