February 25, 2007

Paddle Time

Somewhere between the profound instruction and motivation from Paul and Karen and the joy of pushing to a rhythm that did not come from my legs I found myself becoming addicted to paddling last weekend. Sure I have spent the time out on the water before but that feeling having a lofty stroke where you are using all of the right muscles just has not left my mind. I had to get out again this week to put in another paddle before I forgot all of that good instruction. I had to keep the rhythm.

I have heard so many wonderful things about Team Sole and it was great to have that confirmed at the clinic. They were so knowledgeable and inspirational. Paul went over some drills with me so I can practice good form and hopefully I can commit them to memory (muscle memory) before long. I also found it helpful to repeat some of the phrases that help remind me of what my body should be doing. So, here they are

“Show your goods to the beach!”
you should hear your shirt moving against the skirt - Twist!
Elbows high on exit (think of swimming)
The BOX – keep it in the box
Reach with every entry (all of the extra 6 inches add up!)
Keep the athletic curve in your spine and rotate on the pole down the center
Check the time
Visualize! – I need to get some good pictures of people paddling

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