October 22, 2007

Sprint and 30K time trial #1

After a long weekend in the hills I was trying to get rested up and ready for the first of three tests using a variation of "unknown" crank sets. I did nothing on Sunday except a light swim to try to stay loose and keep my legs fresh for this mornings ride. Although a little sore from our hike/run on Saturday I do not feel that it was significant enough to effect my performance this morning.

Round 2 - Sprint & 30K TT

After a short warm up I was back on the computrainer and ready for the first test. Jeff explained to me how this short sprint would work. I would ride at a steady ~90 RPM cadence with a relatively light load (measure of watts) and prior to my all out sprint the load would be increased (up the watts!). This was my signal to give it my all for about 10 seconds. This would be a measure for how raw power for acceleration works with the different cranksets. Well, 10 seconds is much better than a 15 minute VO2 max test ;-)

I cannot remember what the load was but I remember the push . . . before I knew what RPM's I was cranking up to and fighting the urge to stand up it was over. Ahh... That wasn't bad. I am warmed up now for sure and ready for the steady 30K.

Now that we had the my VO2 max results and a accurate reading for my lactate threshold I would ride the time trial at about 10% under my LT for this test. I would still keep an average cadence of 90 RPM and I was riding with a load of 200 watts. Off I was going nowhere fast...

Nothing much exciting during the test except for the occasional numbness in the grandchildren region and my battery going dead on my Ipod. I felt better when I could keep my cadence just over 90 RPM (higher the better) because I felt like I could get ahead of the pedals. Maybe that is just a preference for me but for the test I tried to keep as close as possible to 90. I also started to feel better and better as the test went on but maybe I just needed a longer warm up?

About 45 minutes later I was done. Jeff told me I was averaging 25 MPH for the 18.6 miles. I will have to get the rest of the data about my HR, VO2, etc when we are all done but for now it is recovery until Friday when I go in for the next session.

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