October 18, 2007

Science Project ?

This is just what I needed. I get to be part of a science project! Yesterday I got invited to be part of Dr. Jeff Moffit's science project for a study he is doing on cycling power and performance. After all of this subjective testing I have been doing switching back and forth from my Epic 26" and the Alma 29er it will be nice to have some formal research done where I will not know whats going on and I can just look at the numbers. I always wanted to get my V02 Max tested too and Jeff will be doing that as part of the "experiment" but it just worries me with it being so close to Halloween . . . What am I really getting myself into?

I am in good hands however and honored that Jeff has asked me to participate. Jeff is a chair and professor for the Physical Education and Kinesiology department at Cal State and more importantly is an accomplished triathlete who has done numerous Ironmans (even a few visits to Hawaii). I am sure that I will learn a lot from this study and will be blogging it out here so I can have it to look back on. I can get my V02 Max tested again later in the year to see where I am going with all this cycle power and performance.

Here is part of the email from Jeff that outlines the project...

"I am conducting a research project on the effect of Q-Rings (a new elliptical, big chain ring made by the Rotor Crank company) on cycling power and performance compared to the normal 53 tooth round chain ring. I am looking for subjects for this project. I am recruiting you because you fit the profile I am studying: males, under 40 yrs old (as far as I know), 2 or more years of training or racing bicycles, and currently using a 53 tooth chainring (won't work for those riding compacts - sorry) and using 175mm crank arms."

Part of the trick is getting all of this in by the end of October (halloween...hmm). I have four visits that I am trying to plan out now that will cover the testing for the different cranks. Here is part of what I have to look forward to.

"Here's what I would need from you - 4 visits to my laboratory on the CSUB campus over about a 2 week period (1 1/2 hours maximum for set up and test) for testing consisting of:

visit 1= VO2 max test riding your bike as is on a computrainer and body comp measurement using skin fold calipers.

visit 2= a warm up, a 30 second all out effort for max power measurement, and a 30k time trial on your bike on the comutrainer at a power level that puts you just below anaerobic threshold (determined from visit 1) using either your round chain ring or 1 of 2 different Q-Ring chain rings (you will not be told which). This will require me to perform mechanic duties of temporarly switching out chain rings on your bike. I am no Sam Ames-like mechanic but I can do this proficiently.

visit 3= same as visit 2 but with 2nd - different chain ring,

visit 4= same as 2& 3 but with 3rd chain ring

Here's what you would get from me - a VO2 max test and associated data reports providing you with power and HR info at anaerobic threshold as well as at VO2 max which you can use to adjust and refine your training regimen AND body a composition evaluation. As well you get 3 controlled 30k time trial efforts sure to improve your cycling. You'll get to breathe in a tube and get to look all Lance Armstrong while doing it. Photos for your scrap book are available at no cost! A second max test and body comp test will be available to you at no charge over the course of 1 year."

Sounds great huh!! I just want that Lance look on film ; - P

Maybe that will be my Halloween gig this year?

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