October 30, 2007

Sprint and 30K time trial #3

This weekend we elected to stay home again and after a long year of running about it is so needed... Weekends at home mean the long course swimming at the aquatic center so we headed out in the sun and crisp water for a good looong swim. On Saturday we did a short run around the block and I could not believe how easy it was to keep my running at a steady 90RPM cadence! Where can I sign up for more of these studies ;-)

Round 4 - Sprint & 30K TT (one more time)

The last round for the testing and I am ready for a bit of numbness, jolt to my system from the sprint and to enjoy my last smooth workout on the computrainer (for now). I get ready for the sprint and crank up the RPM's before take-off. Puuuussshhhh... Not bad.

30K Time trial to go. I can see why the test needs to be completed within a two week period now. I feel like I could gain some major fitness if this was done over a few months. As Joe Friel who knows a thing or two about fitness always states "Consistent training is the easiest way to long-term improvement". Riding at the right "pace" and having the ability with the technology out today to ride at a granular level of effort (not too much, not too little) goes a long way to consistency. Less injury. Better use of training time. And more toys ;-)

However, that has been the biggest lesson that I have learned from this study. While I am the first to buy something that will usually shave a few seconds here and there off of my time there are huge gains that can be make in my fitness. I will see if the Q rings help me but what I do know for sure (and continue to learn) is that through consistency and an actual training plan I know for sure I would improve my racing abilities. As it has been said before "Speed training is icing on the cake... and you dont got no cake yet".

This is all perfect timing as this season wraps up. Next year Monique and I have some big plans for some longer races where our consistency and a training plan are going to prove key to success. Even when that success means just finishing.

My last TT and after spinning at 90RPM for the easy 25MPH I finish with a bang. . . or bust. I start to spin out just 2min shy of the end and I get a flat in my rear tire. ON A TRAINER! I don't know how I manage but it was a good thing we were done anyways.

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