October 07, 2007

Lost on the Dipsea trail

One more day in San Fran and I just had to take a peak at the Muir Woods before I headed out but I didn't plan on getting lost in the bliss... I awoke early to get over the golden gate and the plan was to get a small hike across the first few miles of the trail where we will be running our marathon in a few weeks and then get back to take out the 29er before I had to get back. I had our Q4 meeting for work back towards San Jose so I had to make two quick trips. If I got lost or carried away is amiss but I was super late for sure.

Monique and I ran the marathon at Stinson Beach Marathon last year but starting so early there was a lot under the mist of the early morning. By the time we got into our run I think that I had tunnel vision because I don't remember looking at the views of the trail. Unbelievable! The course basically starts at Stinson Beach (sea level) climbs through the woods to rolling grass hills that dip in and out of the forest before circling back to Stinson. The trail between can be extended as long as you wish before you get back to the beach... Like it or not time seams to stop when you are in these woods.

(The view of Stinson Beach on the return loop)

Extending the loop indefinitely however requires running through the Muir Woods which is part of the Golden Gate National Park that extends some 75,000 acres and covers more than 28 miles of coastline. The Muir Woods is where they filmed the ewoks sections for starwars and it really looks like a movie set or something.

(Fortunately, a common single track found through the Muir Woods area)

Monique and I were both signed up for the Xterra scramble at Pt. Mugu on Saturday so I didn't want to overdo it. I also wanted to get back and take out the 29er for another ride before I went home or at least that was the plan. I started out my hike/run on a side trail "just to take a few pictures" so I didn't bring any water, gels, phone or anything. I kept thinking that I would loop back around and get to the car but before I knew it I was deep into the Muir Woods and running with the deer. Crap! 9am and I have an hour or two to get back... hour to cross the bridge and get to my hotel... Hour to shower, checkout... Im sooo late!

(a view across the rolling hills that escape the forest from time to time)

Needless to say I realize I am a long way from my car and needing some water which I got at one of the ranger stations as I tried not to "overdo" it too much. The trails change direction as much as the scenery so the miles (and time) quickly pass by... Perfect for a marathon but not the best for an early morning run before your meetings. It was just so nice to be out running again after all the bike time that we have put in lately. There is just something so simple and beautiful about being on your own two feet.

(The Steep Ravine trail famous 10' ladder)

I think the last hour or so of my run I realized that I was going to be late and there was no chance of taking out the 29er. I also realized that if we did the Xterra Scramble the next day I was going to be shot but it would be a good build to our marathon or so I rationalized it that way. At one point I just stood in awe looking at some trees as if they were a deer or something. I guess it is still nice to be shocked by some of the beauty in Gods creation that stops you. I heard myself whispering "now there is somethin' you don't see everyday". Now back on the dipsea I put on my ipod and just enjoyed the trails. No more holding back and my mind was free for the rest of the run.

I really miss the long and slow stuff. . . and maybe even getting lost a bit too

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