April 07, 2008

Bonelli Off-Road Triathlon Results?

Just got word that they posted the results from yesterdays race and was pleasantly surprised... Monique ended up with a first place finish for her age group and somehow I ended up winning my age group also.. Crazy! I got 6th place overall and just about 5min behind the leader. Now, how much time did I lose to that tire, running to my truck to get the pump . . . That is all part of the fun of racing! You never know unless you TRI

Humbling as it is... this really just shows the talented competition that Xterra off-road triathlon series brings to the table... Last weekend at Folsom I was battling it out at full throttle just to make a fourth place age group finish... Train harder..Go faster...Live more?

The should have the full results posted with splits shortly. It will be interesting to see what it broke out to but Monique and I had a really good swim so we are stoked at our progress. Now it is time to push ahead with a solid week of training and get ready for Moniques BDAY this weekend.

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Joe said...


I ran into your blog through google. Congrats! I was out there on Sunday shooting pics.

Here is a link www.js3images.com. I have the pics sorted by Swim (by wave), Bike & Run for ease.