April 05, 2008

Bonelli Park Preview

Our second week back from vacation and our second week of a build period in training with some more "prep" races. I think we were almost back to normal before the Folsom race but have settled in to a good routine this week. The Folsom Xterra left me fighting off some poison oak and constantly thinking about that single track out there. So fun! So itchy...

I have had a tear in my back tire that I got during the Vision Quest when I lost the back tire off the rim and the NoTubes juice has helped a time strapped man (or lazy) like myself out once again. This stuff rocks and patched another big hole today before our ride. Hope it holds for the race tomorrow too.

We got down to Moniques parents today and we are stoked that Bonelli is just about five minutes away. We have already had a busy week and so we decided to just ride the run course today to get a peak at what we are in for tomorrow. It was much more challenging than I thought it would be but it looks to be a classic off-road (trail) time. I dont know about the bike course but the run is all about HILLS and HILLS like this /\/\/\/\/\/\ ...Good times

Here are some shots from the park today.

(setting up the buoys)

(lots and lots of hills)

(Dog tow of the day)

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