April 24, 2008

Hurkey Crack

I have three weeks until Temecula and this is what most people would consider the "build" period of an ATP (annual training plan). The build period generally calls for an increase in intensity and a little less overall volume (due to the recovery needed from intensity). This is also an ideal time to schedule some "priority C" races for tune-ups. The Bonelli off-road tri and the Desert tri were a big help and this weekend we are continuing the madness with an Eight hour session at Hurkey Creek.

Training, however, is only a small part of the reason we are headed out to the 24 hours of Adrenaline venue. We have been kicking around the idea with M&M for a while now and after we found out that Keevin is going the 8 hour solo we thought it would not be so bad to enter as a team of two... Plenty of time for snacking, talking it up at our camp-out and watching the action from the 24 hour teams giving it a go. . . Plenty of time to ride my mountain bike!!

The more I ride my mountain bike the more I want to ride my mountain bike! This is what put it "over the top for me" even if I was SOO sore from the race this last weekend I rode San Juan on Tuesday and it was glorious!!! We only saw 1 other person on the trail in three/four hours of riding and we even got to ride back about an hour in the dark. Amazing single track the entire time!! I cannot believe how fun that trail is and it is so green right now. Keevin and I were talking about how it must feel like to be on crack because the trail had just taken us to that euphoric place that only comes from trail time. Ha ha haaa.. I have that image of the sun setting as we rode towards the ocean and the dust floating within the single track as we were weaving in and out of the tall grass.... That was enough to get me craving more crack for this weekend fo sho.

As far as training, we have a good brick workout scheduled around our laps that should play out like the following and help give us a boost for Temecula and Boise after we recover. Things may change as they often do but here is the "plan" anyways with the ideal revolving around a double brick (bike/run combo) so we are thinking about starting with something like...

Monique - Lap 1
Slater - Lap 2(monique running)
Slater - Lap 3
Monique - Lap 4 (slater running)
Slater - Lap 5 (monique running)
Slater - Lap 6
Monique - Lap 7 (slater running)
Slater - Lap 8???

This would give Monique a solid hour ride and she could follow it up with a 30min transition run after each lap. She should have a little over an hour to recover before the repeat session. This is a big jump for Monique from the last time we were at Hurkey Creek and she did three laps within a 24hour window and no running. I would hit the bike for about two hours followed by a transition run of 40min off the bike leaving about a 20min recovery between each session. The goal would be to have our second sets be at a faster pace or a progression through the bricks so that means starting ssslooow... Depending on how we felt after all that we could both get in two fast laps at the end "just for fun" ;-P

Race starts at 12 noon so we will have some dark time too! Looking forward to hangin' out with friends and we are brining Nacho too...

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