April 03, 2008

Falling in line

Summer is close at hand and with the days getting longer even more time to play. We are back to our "normal" lives and into a solid routine again...

Just about recovered from Folsom we are heading into a good four week training block. This is the first time that I have stuck to a training schedule (loose but still present) and the intensity will be cranked up for the next four weeks. Folsom ended week one. We just signed up for another off-road triathlon at Bonelli this weekend and then a harder week of training following that week... No race that weekend so it is be a solid week all the way through with intensity cranked up just a bit more. The last week is a rest week ending with our Olympic distance race in the desert. If I can hold a solid schedule through this I am sure I will see some good gains come Boise but it will be hard to hold back during the races and go into them a bit sore but I need to have priorities if I want to go long and strong later in the season.

Today is all about falling into that schedule with a smile on my face because we feel so blessed to be enjoying the warm California sun, friends on the trail and the resources to get there... I always hear "some" people complain that they "don't have the time, energy, etc, etc" but I really think it comes down to being creative and motivated enough to just get out and do it. One listen to any of the Ironman journeys of what obstacles some very challenged people overcame to get there and I have no excuse.

I get home just a bit before Monique most days so I grab our water bottles, gu/bars, helmets, shoes and all of our other crap and start packing it up for our SSFTA ride. We have a "tote system" for our various adventure gear that has save us so much time as we pack, unpack, repeat... Through it all in and stack it up for the weekend or weekly ride and we are ready to head out in minutes. Pump up the tires, get dinner ready to eat on the way and download some new content for the ipods. We are packed and ready for a little get away tonight. No lights or big clothes... I love summer!

Warm summer sun and good times on the trail with friends.... Why would we miss something like this?

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