April 16, 2008

Malibu Moni

This Monday was Moniques big 3-0 . . . but while she was still just a young hottie I was able to talk her into a little camp out this weekend. She thought that it would just be the two of us but we were so stoked (and she was surprised) when we had some friends, new and old arrive to celebrate the weekend with us in the woods.

We drove out Friday night just in time to watch the sun set and the glow of the day fade away... I love that time of day and always have. . .From skating or surfing growing up I have always tried to be "outside" when that window of day fades to night. There is an energy that I just cannot explain. Almost as if the world is taking one last breath in anticipation before for the changing of night. For us, the night was just starting and I wish we could have made it to the park by then but it made for an exciting time setting up the tents. Forgot the poles...blamed Joe for one set then found them (sorry joe!), found a wedding ring and tore my skin from the oak and had some good eats complements of Nick.

How do you setup a tent without poles?

The days were spent out on the trails running, exploring riding and climbing about like kids. It is always hard to write about the REALLY good times...or how much I love Monique and want to give her the world everyday... Maybe because I don't want to do it an injustice or it would just take too many words but for me this weekend was perfect. Multisport activities outside with friends and celebrating Monique. Love it.

Morning scramble

Lunch dip

and some rides with bob

Blissful... Too bad time flies when you are having fun. We made it back to camp Saturday as the sun was again setting and it was time to celebrate. We thought we put in a good ride until Keevin showed up. He had just done a nice long 112 miles through the hot hills all day. WHAT?? He looked much better than we did too and with that the evening flowed into some more good eats and stories and cake!

So stoked that everyone could make it out and we all need to do that more often. Corby took some killer pictures like this "holy roller" picture of Jeff rising from the water...

okay Jeff, stop showing off

Corby posted his pics over here. (http://picasaweb.google.com/cdemeis/MalibuCreek)
and I got a few that are posted over here too (http://slater.smugmug.com/gallery/4749195_3XdiZ).
Until next time...

H A P P Y --B I R T H D A Y --M O N I Q U E

I love you.

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