May 12, 2008

Auburn Trails

Well, the wedding was a blast and the "biggest little town in the world" has some pretty cool stuff going on... This weekend was the Reno River Festival that had the restaurants and bars full of some river rats. Very interesting crowd! We should have planned on a paddle or run race but it was nice to just hang with the family. Everyone made it up for the weekend also and we were the only ones from down south to drive up. I guess OC is still a few more hours than Bako and Monique and I are just driving machines now ;-)

On the way back we got to stop in on some of those world famous Auburn trails. Oh, so nice. We didnt have a plan of where to ride but it was not hard to find a trail. Everywhere around was lush forest and sick singletrack so we stopped a one turn out on the road with some cars parked. The empty bike racks and a glimpse of the trail was all we needed.

Such a fun trail with forest covering and little climbs here and there. The view was amazing and the water from the river was so clear we could see the bottom from the trail. I wish we could have ridden for hours and then paddled back in the cold water!

After I got the GPS dump and checked it out in Google Earth it looks like we were on the Forest Hill Road trail. It goes on connecting to trails for MILES and is so plush! I think you can manage a few hundred mile loops without using the same trail twice. Amazing up thar! Amazing.

Part of our ride... We will have to complete it again next time we are heading north or maybe another trip with a camp out between trail days? Auburn is on the books for us!

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