May 02, 2008

AY UP! a new lighting system

I have to say that I have not been this excited about a unique product since I came across the Wingnut packs. Both of these common and somewhat necessary items that have seen countless innovations over the years yet they both step way above and beyond a "common" backpack and lighting system with the features and custom touches that bring them into a new category for gear.

The AY UP lights not only look good on the many places you can mount them to but they actually perform better than anything out there I have ever seen!! The weight is lighter than anything out there for bike lights but the fact that they are water proof and do not heat up brings the use to so many other areas like my mid week night paddles...greatly extending the value for a multisport athlete! You also get multiple lights with the kit so you have the option for mounting the lights on your head and your bars at the same time and with the convienient charger you can charge two batteries at once. You even have the option to charge them in the car on your way out! Now that is convienient!

The first time I had heard of the AY UP! setup was at the Desert Winds race put on by Kayak Lake Mead where they had announced them as the new race sponsor for their night Adventure Race...A race we were planning on doing. I checked out their website and it almost sounded to good to be true. Double LED lights, multiple Lithium battery packs, waterproof and super lite-weight... It all looked good on paper or html but how did they perform? I was interested to give them a go because they had a few to demo for the night adventure race but our plans changed and I never got to test them out. However, time proves all things and wouldn't you know the AY UP crew is getting quite a reputation already and I was stoked to see them at the 24 Hours of Hurkey Creek this weekend. My first look at those amazing little lights.

"Ay Up Batteries have been designed to withstand a repeated 5 meter drop onto a concrete floor so are well suited for extreme MTB environments"

After seeing how bright and lite these were I was impressed and I dont think I will have to suffer the load from my old light any longer or brave the dim light of my headlamp for my next night paddle. Shortly after I got home the order was placed for my new Ay Ups. I am that convinced and in love with them.


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