May 09, 2008

NorCal Hills

This weekend, Moniques cousin Brandy is getting married to a German dude so we are on the drive up to Reno for the party... Good times all around. Last night we got as far north as Folsom and decided to pull into the campground where we stayed for the Xterra race just a month ago. Even in the black of night it was easy to find our way through the Granite Bay hood and it felt like we were home. This morning we awoke to the sight out of our tent of the NorCal trees and smell of the wild. Wonderful!

We wanted to get a ride in at Auburn on the way up or maybe stop by Tahoe for a ride on the flume trail but we decided not to pass up the opportunity with the lake and the trails so close by... Starbucks and some hill repeats were on the breakfast menu and it was a perfect mix.

I know we should be doing some interval training about 6-8 weeks before a race but I figured that it is never too late to start and it may be better to have a solid base before cranking up the intensity. I have managed to stay injury free and now that I know I can go the distance it was a good change to add in some intervals. I am learning but it went a little something like this -> Hard climbs for about a minute or two up and a nice jog down with about one minute rest... I stopped at four. Run flat or on the rolling hills for about five minutes and repeat the hills for another four climbs. I think I could have done a few more but it was nice to finish with something left and it was short and sweet. Monique ran more today than she has in a normal week and it was amping me up watching her face glow red as we passed eachother on the single track going up and down. She is so cute when she is all red and fired up. Oh, the view was just enough to motivate and distract too! Very nice!

On the road again and we are now in Auburn but we may need to pass on the trails for now. We need to meet up with the family in a few hours and we are saving some time to stop by the Patagonia outlet on the way up in Reno. We stopped at Sbucks again to check some email, send out some proposals for work and refuel.. Back to the road and some con-calls.

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