May 16, 2008


I still dont know how exactly it happened. Even if I have spent the last four days reflecting again and again about all the possible causes that lead up to my current state I just cannot figure out what exact event caused it. I guess that is always how it goes with injuries... Plenty of time to sit and think about it when you have nothing else to do. Maybe it the increase in paddling, stress or driving that caused my back to go out? I dont want to ask anymore questions or lay in bed but it looks like it is my only option at this point...

All things break at some point. I got to my bike after the last ride only to find that my crank was not turning around unless I put some serious pressure on it. How long has it been like this? After I took it apart I found that I completely gridded away the bearings and it was filled with water inside the bottom bracket.

Somethings you plan and sometimes you change plans because that is life. I really have not planned out too many races as far as training, tapering, etc but the Xterra West was a big one for me and now it looks like I am out... Am I bummed? Dude, words cannot describe but I also realize that now that I am out on my back that there are bigger things to be focused on. The stress that got me here in the first place around my job, business and "life" will demand focus one way or another and that is just how it goes. If there is one think I have learned about asking questions it is that I need to stop and ask the Lord "how do we fix this" and not "why is this broken"... I may never know "why" it breaks but I will always have an opportunity to learn "how" to get it going again. For now that means just laying here which SUCKS!! but I am trying to make use of my time. Until I am out of bed I just feel broken.

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