May 07, 2008

The good life

Off Road - Love it.

I feel so blessed to have the job and wife, life that I have in order to be "free" enough to get out and be able to explore my little world and the challenges in it. Honestly, I am blessed beyond measure and think it all comes down to the freedom go after what I am passionate about... Dirt, people and the relationships made in the muddy waters...

I have been getting back out and paddling the last three weeks and it brings back the adventure racing feelings and thoughts from what got me all excited to push it to the next level, explore myself in a new angle and get into something "over my head".  It is rewarding to train for and complete/beat a time record or get on the podium but there is just something that adds a faith element when you attempt something that you have not trained for or something that would be against the odds just to finish.  I guess it is the reaching deep and finding limits you did not know about that is so exciting.

Perhaps that is what draws me so close to the trial and the desire for adventure racing.  Limits and performance are measured on a totally different scale.  I only wish I could get a team to get out on a multi-day trip...  

With the memories of Hurkey Creek and the Xterra races in our minds we have just lost the luster for road races.  The only memories that I have from the start of the OC Marathon was walking behind THOUSANDS of people and the sound of so many feet on the ground.  Interesting experience but just not what floats my boat.  We are questioning the drive for Boise (in more ways than one). . .  It would be a  big race and new distances for us but perhaps we are in better shape for a 24 hour adventure race and more motivated for it?  The 12 hours of Temecula mountain bike race is just a few weeks away...  Funny how motivating the thought of those races are... We are stoked to have the freedom to explore and be at any race we are motivated to do and even more stoked that we are settled on the off road adventures.   To me it is the good life!

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