November 30, 2008

Bootleg, Blue Diamond and some Turkey

The last few days have been pretty amazing... I thought I was some sort of mountain biker before but after a few days in and around Nevada and I am just starting to get this singletrack technical riding stuff down. FUN!!!

Monique and I headed out to spend Thanksgiving with some friends and get some time on some new trails. Looking back I would have been SOOO bummed if we missed this trip... Keevin had been telling us about it but there is just somethings you cannot convey about the trails out that way... "Fun" just does not do it justice but I still like the word ;-) Something about this trip was just so perfect. Amazing people and some of the biggest variety of trails I have ever seen and we couldn't have timed the weather any better.

We started our tour off with some riding around Bootleg Canyon. Caldera, Boy Scout, Mothers... I cannot even remember all the trails but we only got to sample a few and there are MILES of trails to go back to . . . . soon. We were chasing each other in the rain and being chased by the clouds that eventually caught up with us. Tight rock switchbacks packed by the rain and just enough climbing to keep the speed up and adrenaline pumping. I love to ride my bike ;-)

We finished up our first ride and it was off to Chipotle! I downed three tacos and then a burrito. Mmmmm... We had some big ridding ahead and met even more of Keevins friends for dinner that night. Good times.

The next day we were off to ride some more "local" trails around Blue Diamond. More rain(fun) that made a little mud(fun) and loads of fast singletrack(fun) with about 18 of us hootin and hollarin'(fun) as we made our way around the red rock landscape. I cannot explain how much FUN those trails were but with trail names like "little Viagra" you know they are exciting....

Here are some PIX from Bootleg and Blue Diamond and a little video shot over here

We had a feast at Lauries that night and we had so much to be thankful for... I am really stoked to have such good friends, a great wife and a job that lets me do the things I love. Getting to experience the vast "openness" of the trail systems out that way plainly displayed the design of an awesome creator...A humbling reminder. Yet the best of the trails was still before us! On to Utah for the next sessions!

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