November 10, 2008

Next up. . . 12 long hours @ Temecula

Less than a week to go and I am ready to ride despite getting a lingering sinus infection... At this point I have had more time on the bike in the last few months than I have EVER had stringed together so my confidence is up for the task at hand. Next year, I am changing up the racing to focus on just two series and this race may have a lot of influence on what direction I take.

This week I got a few short rides in to watch the sun set and got out on some wet trails. I cant wait for more rain!

Unfortunately, it looks like we will have anything but rain this weekend with projected temps in the upper 80s! Just one more thing to add to the challenge of the course.

So far we have a pretty good group going with Mandy, Keevin, Chuck and myself racing solo and Monique and Heidi heading up a few girls teams. The jury is still out on the Vegas crew but I am sure that Mike will lap most of the expert solo's if he shows up. Last year he won the series and all three races and he is just getting faster. Moinque was almost about to race her single speed rig because she just cannot get off of it but I think she is going geared (for now!). We rode the Fullerton loop for the first time this week and Monique beat us all out on the final sprint (and all the climbs!). Go girl!

After fighting a cold/sinus infection all week I decided to get into the doctors today to try to get it taken care of before it gets any worse. . . After talking with my doc and telling him I wanted to be back to normal for a race this weekend he said, " Hey, are you racing the 12 hours of Temecula?" What kind of doctor knows about stuff like that? To make a long story short I discovered he is the coach of Monique Sawicki "Pua". Monique has dominated the dojo for womens mountain bike racing for years! She just won the 24hour National Championship race by finishing TWO LAPS ahead of the next competitor. Crazy. What a small world! My doctor even raced Vision Quest a few years back and I am stoked to have a doctor that understands on all these levels. Hopefully I will be 100% by the weekend because we are racing rain or shine!

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