November 24, 2008

odds & ends

On a flight to San Jose and I just started downloading my pictures from the weekend. What a long weekend and tons of pic’s. Thought I would share some…

Friday, Monique and I headed up for a hike in Big Bear and then met up for a ride on some local trails with Paul and Karen. Amazing how many cool trails are out there and we were just getting started… Paul and I switched bikes after we reached a lookout and I thought I would give his rigid carbon fork a test. After a few turns I was starting to get a feel for it so I let off the brakes over some ruts and . . . BOOOMM!! . . . Total explosion with shiny stuff flying all over the place... It took a bit to figure out that his headset had completely exploded.

a sliver of the headset

what was left of the bearings

I felt pretty bad about it until Paul had mentioned he was packing his bike up when we returned for a flight to Portugal. If I didn’t make his headset explode he would have had 5+ days of non-stop racing on it at the Portugal XPD Race. Just let me know if you want me to give your bike a test before your next trip!

Our ride headed down to Bear Valley Bikes for a quick repair (and I got a new chain!) and then on to a killer dinner with Melissa and Christian to join us. It would have been perfect to fall asleep by the fire but we had to get back to the OC for a cross race the next morning. Cyclocross time!
Pretty in Pink

Calf Power!

Saturday was Monique first Cyclocross race and Jasons first race ever… Way to start it off J! Monique had some fun in the grass but I think she prefers the dirt on her mountain bike and much longer races. Why wouldn’t she have fun with a 45 minute heart attack after a few hard days of running and riding?

Jason taking charge

I think Jason already signed up for the next three SoCalCross races. Yes, he had a good time!

Capturing the essence of the race

Dez lOOKing her 5 Months pregnant

After the race Corby and I headed out for a quick ride… He got to ride the course at the xbike race and he was all amped up! The plan was to get out to old camp but we settled on a climb to the flag and a run down the luge. Not as bad as I thought it would be on my fully rigid single speed and it has me questioning that White Brothers fork for my 29er rig.

The area around old camp and the luge just opened up again after the fires and the trails are actually in better shape than ever and they even rerouted the end of the luge trail. The next ride with Corby is going to be a night ride! Oh yeah...

Corby leading the charge

Sunday had some Cisco tests on the schedule before and after some stand up paddle boarding with the Sinatra’s. Much harder in the waves compared to the harbor but you can pull into just about any wave…Staying on is the challenge.

funny guys

Tuesday I get back and we are heading for the Nevada and Utah trails!!

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