November 20, 2008

Results and some Pics

Results are posted and the pictures are trickling in. It was a strange feeling to be racing solo and miss so much of everyone else all day long. We had a pretty good crew racing and it kept our tent active all day long.

Monique, Lisa and Melissa (we love little people) were racing along side Heidi, Natalie and Jen (Dirt Divas) in a field of 29 teams. I got to see everyone except Monique on the course and I am so proud of those girls! I think they have been holding back on our rides because they were definitely throwing it down on Saturday.

(Mandy, Monique and Lisa getting ready to rumble)

(Melissa was RULING on her new 29er!)

(Natalie, Jen and Heidi - Divas in Dirt!)

The girls all managed to avoid the carnage on the course... Not all of us were so lucky... Rob ended up separating his shoulder and another guy got some branches lodged into his shoulder! Yikes! I saw a girl dripping blood from her head and she was asking me if I think she could do another lap... Dude, chick... your going to bleed to death! Shock does some funny things to your ability to reason.

The course, however, was being taken care of all day and night by Jason the RD and crew. I have heard so many positive things about Jasons races and now have experienced first hand how awesome they are... Jason was all over the course cheering people on throughout the day and his dad was even working the aid station refilling bottles. Rad!

Sean Clancy, who could have been crushing everyone's dreams if he was racing himself decided to be the support crew for us all. He probably needed some rest after his undefeated season with a record NINE first place finishes ending with a final win at the Adventure Racing National Championships. We were all grateful to have his wisdom and time on our side.

(breaking dreams and fixing chains)

Chuck posting a 3rd place finish in the Solo 40 category although the real race was between Keevin and Chuck all along. Last year, Chuck pulled out for his last lap IN THE WRONG DIRECTION! By the time he figured it out and turned around he came in 4 minutes short on his last lap and it did not count. Not this year! Keevin never gave up despite the cramps from lap two on and is still recovering from those cramps he was fighting for almost 12 hours.

(Congrats Chuck!)

(hurting or just wanting attention from the ladies?)

Keevin and I actually shared a secret goal for the race...We were just trying to keep up with Mandy and not let her lap us ;-) She pushed strong all day and I think her frozen towel strategy worked! She ended up getting in nine laps and a third place finish. Nice work!

(Mandy provides inspiration for us all)

Paul and Karen ended up dropping in to race with the Intense just days after returning from their 3rd place finish at the Adventure Racing Wold Championships. Not only were they recovered but Karen ended up having the fastest womens lap of the day @ 51 minutes and Paul also had the fastest mens lap of the day @ 43 minutes!! They really do "go FAST and take chances"! They also ended up winning the 4 team open division just to round it out. It looks like we maybe riding with them on Friday so we better rest up...

I ended up burning just over 8900 calories and I have been pretty hungry over the last few days. This was my 2nd longest ride ever and more time than I have ever been on a bike. Here is a shot of my food prep the night before... I did not eat the majority of this stuff but you never know what your body is asking for so variety always a safe bet.

More pictures posted over Here >>

Here are some other random stats

Expert Solo Men
1:06 1:02 1:04 1:19 1:04 1:00 1:14 :58 1:00 :55 1:03

GPS Summary Data
Total Time (h:m:s) 12:49:44 (longest time on the bike ever!)
Moving Time (h:m:s) 11:54:20
Distance (mi ) 113.91 (second longest ride ever!)
Moving Speed (mph) 9.7 avg. 28.4 max.
Elevation Gain (ft) +21,420 / -21,445

Avg. Heart Rate 141 bpm Zone 3.7

After a little recovery, we are heading out to Vegas to ride some trails at Bootleg Canyon and then on to Utah for Gooseberry Mesa, the gym and others... Hard to get up motivation to swim or run after a weekend like this ;-)

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