January 11, 2008

Another day. . . Another Bike

I know. . . I have issues. a cross is just such the perfect bike and today I got to prove it to myself again and again. On road, off road, painful single speed big gear pushing force. It has it all.

I was driving home after just picking up my new Bianchi Axis and stopped by Castic to check out some of the trails. I didn't race the Xterra last year due to my leg injury but we made our way through some of the hills during our adventure race and I knew where to find the bike leg of the Xterra course so I headed out. Big hills... Steep... Not made for a cross bike but so fun in the mud.

I rode into the dark and was just a little scared of the animals after all these deep tracks in the mud...but I made it out alive and the bond between me and the cross bike is even stronger now.

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