January 18, 2008

puttin on the breaks

You shouldnt change "things" the day before or day of your race. . . as a general rule. Some of those things can be the food or other "stuff" you put into your body or the gear you are using. I pounded 24inches of turkey on wheat bread from Subway today but that was somewhat a normal lunch. My bike, however, has been taking a pounding lately and change is inevitable for some of the parts.

Last night I was going to take it out for a spin on my new wheels and I had just installed a new crank... I didnt need a new crank but thought what the heck... it was the only thing that I have not replace yet and the new one is carbon ;-) I was totally stoked to get my new derailleur hanger in time and got that on too. Just when I was going to take it out I noticed my rear brake was gone. Lever to the grip and wheel spinning gone. Crap! I had to go up to Fresno today for some meetings and had no time to get it fixed and the Magura brakes are not easy to even find a shop to work on them. To make a long story (and it is long) short I was able to find the coolest shop today that not only fixed my brake but they actually switched out my entire rear break with a new one and are going to send the old one back to Magura for me. So cool! Thank you Sierra Bicycle Werks!!! That prayer of desperation worked this morning. I was able to drop it off on the way up and pick it up on the way back with ease. Why do I wait until desperation for prayer??

Monique and I have cleaned up the house and just took a little spin around the block. My bike didnt break and I am so stoked that I got all the parts just in time. We are beat after a week of stress, travel and training but so looking forward to spending the weekend with Marius and Mandy who are on their way driving up now. M&M time!!

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