January 08, 2008

OC Marathon

Well this week... this year has started off with a blast. Aside from the crashes and problems with my bike/body I have started a good build already and will need all I can get if I will get to Ironman at the end of the year. My ribs have been killing me from my blowout crash but I did a small run through the back bay on Friday and was the first time I could run with little pain. I was ready for the run on Sunday.

We had signed up for the full marathon but after the lack of miles/time/discipline through the holidays we decided to run the half and use it as a training run. Was Monique ready? Oh yeah!! After our ride on Saturday in the mud she was all pumped up getting her play lists ready for her ipod run...

(playtime with playlists)

The 2008 Orange County Marathon with over 13,000 people... What were we thinking? Mass, mass people and even a picture of the bathroom line before the race never gets old to me. This race just reinforced the desire for me to get out on the trail in solitude or with a few hundred at most good folks running along.

(its pee pee time before the race)

The sound and feel of thousands of feet pounding the pavement around you is such a unique experience. From where we were starting (somewhere in the middle of the pack) we could just make out the starting banners but it took us over 5min just to cross the starting line. Crazy crowds and ALL walks of life.

We decided to run along together with the crowd and when I got anxious I would break out into some intervals and stretch and wait. Nothing much exciting on the road besides watching people with strange running styles and clothes...

I wanted to do a review post on Mondays with miles, etc to track my build and goals for the week but this week it was simple. . . We got a big start with the New Years ride and I got three bikes, three runs and a weight training session in. I just wanted to get through the half w/out injury and mix in some intervals. I ran anywhere between 6min miles and over 10min miles but somehow I finished feeling like I ran them all at 6min. I was beat but we both made it to the finish before the rain started and we were stoked to get some post-race food and blankets to hold in our heat for the bus ride back.

(get me a Cappuccino!!!)

Monique got a PR from the last half we ran (about two years ago) with about the same level of training and I think she could have done the full without too much more work. She also did more miles than ever before in one week (over 80) from the bike/run workouts and we are on track for our half ironman mid year.

(ready to get warm and rest it up)

Next week I am in San Fran again and it is a rest week for us. . . The following week we get ready to RUMBLE!! at the Rio Bravo. So looking forward to that weekend.


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