January 12, 2008

the tragedy continues

Monique and I slept in this morning and missed the annual fog run. No big deal. It was so nice to cook some big ol breakfast and make espresso all morning. I will be up north again the first part of next week so it was one last ride on the Alma before we had our race on Saturday and things performed as expected. Problems again.

I just got a new wheelset because my hub was falling apart and my disc mounts were a bit jacked but I didnt expect to find a lighter/stiffer pair...and at a good price too. What I ended up with was a pair of 29er American Classics that dropped almost 2lbs of my ride. Sweet! I mounted my tubeless kit and took them out on the ride today. Super smooth, stiff and no problems.

The problem was AGAIN with the Alma or maybe it was intended design. While we were waiting for the group to reform at one stop I decided to try a little hill climb. I ended up in a zig zag off the the trail until I dropped the bike off my right side. A little dump going sub .4mph. What I got was another derailleur hanger bent so bad my chain was on the inside of my spokes. What? This is number three! I dont have a spare and I was lucky enough to bend it back without a snap but my shifting is all off and the rest of the ride was like being on my single speed. Hopefully, I can get another hanger before the Rio bravo on Saturday.

Then to add to my issues, I tried to give myself a little trim before our company kick-off party and things just headed down hill. One clipper size to another and the sides got shorter and shorter. . . I think it was fine until Monique was going to finish up trimming the back of my neck. I handed her the clippers (with NO attachment) and after that first race up the back of my head I understood she did not understand my "back of the neck" explanation and I understood that there was only one thing to do at this point. I was going to our kick-off as a bald man.

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