January 23, 2008

Keys to recovery

What better way to recover after a race than to get back out on the trail with some friends, the love of your life and your dog... (not to be confused). The day after the Rio Bravo and we decided to head to high country and ride the keyesville track and get lost on and off the trail.

We took out Nacho or Harold as his new owners like to call him and he was the MVP of the day... Or MVD I guess. HE IS FAST!!! Downhill, uphill and slideways proved that four legs are better than two and maybe even better than two wheels?? He loved it and we really need to take him out more.

Shortly after some time on the trail we decided to get lost and ended up doing some sort of adventure race type scouting. Brings back good memories of being lost and tired dragging our bikes through all kinds of terrain. I miss AR

Marius had a good idea to get out to a trail "Just Outstanding" that we could shuttle near to the top of the mountain so we packed up and drove north. Up and up we drove until we realized that there was just so much snow it was too late in the day to risk an epic decent while we tried to find the trail through the snow.

There were some killer roads we took on the "backway" home that would be perfect for some long climbing rides. I think we only saw a hand full of cars in MILES of road and LOTS of climbing... The road drops right into town and we rode some of them on our new years ride. There are a few 100+ mile loops that would be nice to climb/camp on the way with our bikes loaded up. hmmmm.... Future trip fo sho.

Heading back we were all pooped and our MVD was dropping air poops for our guests too. We still love him and will be back on the trail with him again soon!

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