January 15, 2008

Napa Time

I have spent the last couple of days up in Napa Valley for my works 2008 kick-off meetings and the location is perfect with the Napa Valley Bike Tours literally a walk across the street. I had rented a bike but with the festivities wrapping around the clock here it was challenging to get in a ride. Not that its a problem but I have been on a good roll with building a base and I need to get the miles in early this week so I can have some rest before Saturdays race.

A few jobs ago I spent over three months in the valley for some networking projects and although it was over eight years ago the place looks exactly the same. I love it. Please don't change it. There is so much to explore outside of the normal wine stops and shops and it just feels so safe in the woods here. We have to make some plans to get out here more often.

I ended up going for a 4am ride in the BLACK of night and the THICK of the fog. So crazy. So cold. Good thing I brought my light with me. Pushing into the darkness and the quite of the night is a unique experience for sure. Little towns and neighborhoods with NO light between and the fog so thick it felt like I was pushing through a tunnel. My mind began to wander and my fears began to rise. I had no idea where I was going (normal procedures) but the mounting cold would make for a nasty situation if I got lost or I couldn't keep moving . . . I had over three hours until the sun would break through the night fog. No worries. I was on the road and just needed to take it one turn at a time.

(Getting out of the hotel...and into the fog just before 4am)

I rode up to the Silverado Trail that passes many wineries and heads to the hills to Oakville and eventually Calistoga. Super safe six foot bike lane that is manageable to stay in after a few stops along the way for wine tasting or an evening ride in the fog. I emailed Dave about some nice routes but didn't see his email until I got back from the ride...The Silverado trails was one on the list and I am sure the view would be insane in the day. It also connects with some routes around Lake Berryessa where they host a Half Ironman later in the year. I was just about two turns away from one of the roads but I wouldn't have been able to see a thing anyways...I was on a cold trainer in a closet.

(my smooth rental with the view of the hills that the Silverado trail traverses)

Before I returned the bike I just had to head back to see the vineyards I was riding through. What a view...perfect road...If I only could see some of these rolling hills from top. I am hoping to get one more rental (in the light) and head out to part of the half iron course or just to load up at a winery.

Tomorrow is our last day here and I am going to try and sneak in a run before we head home. It is just too nice to go away without some time here in the sun

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