January 16, 2008

Nap session

Just as we finished up our last session for today around the Cisco Data Center 3.0 we got out right before lunch and about 3hours before my complementary massage at the spa(I LOVE MY JOB!). That was just enough time for me to run out to some vineyards and try to pick up some goods to bring home as I finished my last run before the race this weekend.

I have had issues with my butt lately. My left butt actually. I did some reading and confirmation today that I have strained my hamstring. No warmups, chronic stress with no stretching. . . yeah it was my butt or something else that was going to give first. Lesson learned(again). Warmup. Stretch. Cooldown. Stretch.

I found a fun little hill loop and after a nice long warmup felt super smooth on my run. I went out about 5min at 80% and then easy for 2min. . . repeat for just over 40min total. Complete focus on form and efficiency and my hams felt great. I checked out a few vineyards, a church and some shops and finished my run with a cooldown and some stretches that lead me right into a nice massage at the spa. Why can't all days be this productive ;-)

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