March 17, 2008

Aqua Calda and off to Florence

This was our last day in Siena so after a quick breakfast we headed out on our bikes again and we had our checkpoint set on Aqua Calda... An aquatic center that was just out side of town. The goal was to see another side of the town as we rode through, pound out some meters in the water with the local Italians and get back to checkout of our hotel in time to make the train and head north.

We had some help trying to locate the Aqua Calda but we were off on our bikes again without detailed directions. . . It was all part of the adventure and we were getting pretty comfortable with the area already anyways. Moniques trusting navigation got us there with no problems after just a short ride through the hills and we discovered a ton of stuff here at the edge of town. Even an outside Velo track

Who else takes pictures of stuff like this on vacation?

Our planning worked out to the T and we were on the train to Florence with no delay...The only way to travel!

beautiful hills and green the entire way

Once we made it to our hotel in Florence with no issues to speak of and we were back in "the city" with all the modern marvels you would expect from a Hilton hotel... Like a mirror that NEVER fogs up in the middle.

I am amazed at the simplest things sometimes

After a little check in and a look at the $20+ dollar burgers at the hotel we were off to get some local food and ended up picking up a couple (more) pairs of shoes. Those Italians know their shoes ;-) Tomorrow we are heading to some of the downtown sights to check out what this place has going on... Time for some sleep.

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