March 14, 2008

Siena by Chance

We made it! We had a killer dinner last night with the best pasta (hand made everything) that I have ever had...What surprise and this place is beautiful with hills of green and great people all around. This morning we added another meal at our Bed and Breakfast with our personal assistants serving up some Euro meats and good eats. mmmm......

After a short walk around the grounds to see the views and gardens we were off to our first order of business for the day. Return the rental car! Luckily, it was downhill to the gas station so we coasted in and dropped 74 Euros and the take was still not full!! Dude, that is over $100 bucks for this little tank. Lesson learned. Take the trains!! :-)

Siena is located within Central Tuscany and so close to the castles in Chianti and old village towns like San Gimignano and Pienza. We have a lot of exploring to do but today was time to relax in the town.

The Siena city center was not that far off from where we were lost and is so unique in itself. The streets are piled onto staked buildings that fit together like a big puzzle and the streets are filled with well dressed Italians always wearing the fancy leather shoes and sunglasses at all times. Here there are few tourists and a deeper feel for the Italian way of life. People are so stoked to have the jobs they are given... It seams like even the simplest task it done with such pride because of the family business or maybe the fact that this is the job they will have for life. Not sure but no complaints felt and the people here were warm and welcoming for sure.

We continued on our espresso binge and walked around the city shopping and found some sweet leather shoes, a new wedding ring for me (#4) and a bunch of stuff that is sure to fill our bags for the way home. Good times.

We stayed in the city center and were all in tune with the bus schedules now and hung out until the sun set. Amazing. We sat in the Piazza del Duomo square and watched the sun fade under the tower built in 1238 that sets a high standard for this town. So does the gelato!

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