March 09, 2008

When in Rome

Well, it is only about 9:30pm at home but here in Rome it is reaching 5:30am... I have been up for hours typing away and researching what we are going to do (along with some good reads about aero helmets, Kona bike counts and other blogs). Still feeling a bit sick but relentless to settle into this new time structure. Monique is just about 100% over her cold and if I could get some rest I am sure I would be too but I am just too excited ;-)
(You cannot see it but behind me in our bathroom is a B?day...Oh, la la...)

We had a pretty exciting day today and we are already seeing some of the big differences in Italy compared to London. We have heard so many stories about the "richness" of the food and a quick glance at the landscape and it is easy to see why. It is nice to know we will be staying at the same place for four nights and our view can speak for itself. So stoked that this is the view out of our hotel window!

(the view from our room looking into the City Center in the distance)

Tomorrow we are heading out to the city center and we are going to try to check out the Vaticani Musei, and "Rome" around and hang out until about 9ish so we are planning on catching the Coliseum as the sun set.

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