March 16, 2008

Dinner for two

Today we explored more of the town in Siena and have the bus schedule down now... I love this public transportation! The Tuscany area is so vast and the towns so different that it really feels like we are in a different place every day.

Everything is on the go here but not the "American way". We tried to find some energy bars, snacks, etc for our ride but there is not much in the way of processed food to be found. That is a good thing. Most of the deli's are "fast food" also but not the way we supersize it...

You get some fresh food after walking all day and most people don't even sit down. Order up an espresso, sip it at the bar standing and go back to your walk around town. Fast food.

We did a little shopping and eating and sight seeing like our normal rounds and then headed back early to our little bed and breakfast. For me it was some quick hill repeats up and down our driveway hill and a little nap next to the pool was just what the doctor ordered for Monique. An ideal vacation day for both of us after our ride yesterday.

(Monique knows how to enjoy the time away)

This was our last night in Siena...So bummed to go after we are starting to get such a feel for it but Florence is calling. We headed down the hill one last time on foot to watch the sunset and have a nice dinner (#2)...

The sunset was amazing

The food was right on

We stayed up late when we got back and lived it up in Siena on our last night(hopefully not for the last time). Sweets, cheeses and vino all night... We took the late train to Florence and it was a dinner and a time to remember.

Here are some of the Pictures posted


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